• A Visit by Main Leaders of China Haisum to Luzhou Laojiao for Work Exchange

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    On January 23, Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Haisum, led a team to visit Luzhou Laojiao Group Co., Ltd. (Luzhou Laojiao), and had a friendly meeting with Huang Yulin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Luzhou Laojiao. They had an in-depth discussion on the prospect for cooperation and development direction.

    They exchanged views on engineering services for Baijiu brewing, food fermentation, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, as well as "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" business.

    Chen Rongrong stated that China Haisum has strong capabilities and rich experience in the field of food fermentation engineering and has made a series of achievements in digital transformation. He expressed the hope for further and deeper cooperation between China Haisum and Luzhou Laojiao based on previous good cooperation in areas such as technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and energy management, so as to establish a set of industry standards that can lead the development and contribute to the development of China's liquor industry.

    Huang Yulin stated that Luzhou Laojiao has developed into a large-scale enterprise group in different industries and fields, and formed a development pattern of "1+3+N", with its focus on developing into a world-class industry and finance holding group with global influence. Based on the solid foundation for cooperation between the two sides, it is hoped that more high-quality cooperations will be reached in the future.

    Before the meeting, Chen Rongrong and his delegation visited and inspected the 714 workshop, intelligent packaging workshop, and 1573 National Treasure Pits of Luzhou Laojiao Huangyi Brewery Base. Zhang Zhi, Vice President of China Haisum, He Cheng, Deputy General Manager and Chief Quality Officer of Luzhou Laojiao, Li Jinsong, Chief Engineer of Luzhou Laojiao, leaders from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and relevant personnel from China Haisum also participated in the discussion.

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