• Optimized Increment and Future Planning - China Haisum Holds 2024 Marketing Special Work Meeting

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    Gain foresight to open up a new chapter, gather strength to fight for a better future. From March 15 to 16, China Haisum held the 2024 Marketing Special Work Meeting in Shanghai. This meeting discussed various exciting topics such as specialized business strategy, development of main businesses, and digital training in various industries.

    Zhao Guoang, Vice General Manager of Poly Sinolight, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Haisum, along with Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Haisum, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting was attended by over a hundred participants, including Lin Lin, the CFO and Board Secretary, Liu Wei, Zhang Zhi, Li Shijun, Luo Jun, Vice Presidents, main leaders of various business units, heads of relevant departments and personnel from the headquarters, to work out development plans and strategies.

    On March 15, key leaders of various operating units, as well as the responsible persons from the pulp and paper industry, food fermentation industry, daily chemical industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, new energy and new materials industry, environmental protection industry, and other industries conducted a strategy analysis on market management, and a thorough analysis on the achievements made in 2023, and meticulously planned the business objectives and development directions for 2024. The heads of relevant departments from the headquarters provided work summaries and outlined future plans regarding intelligent manufacturing and "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" business, integration of business and finance, and the expansion of new industries. Zhang Zhi delivered a keynote report titled Deep Cultivation, Innovative Marketing Mix, and Converging Operation Capabilities - Marketing Planning and Prospects. In the report, he analyzed the present management situation in the industry, proposed whole marketing solutions, and provided insights into future development prospects.

    On March 16, key leaders from the headquarters, as well as from Shanghai headquarters, CEC, Chengdu Branch, and the Engineering Management Company, organized five parallel forums in different venues. These forums included the Digital Delivery and Empowering Intelligent Manufacturing Seminar, Breakthroughs and Scale Development Strategies for High-Value-Added Industries, Upgrade Path for Non-General Contracting Business: Transformation and Expansion towards Whole-Process Engineering Consulting, Tobacco Industry Synergetic Development Seminar, and Liquor Industry Synergetic Development Seminar. During these forums, participants shared their practical experiences, contributing to the blueprint for the 2024 operating plan. Moreover, the meeting invited outstanding training instructors to deliver a special lecture themed on Key Points of Whole-Process Engineering Consulting Theory and Practice, and Future Prospects and provide a training themed on Data Intelligence Leadership: Reshaping Leadership Models in the Digital Era.

    Chen Rongrong delivered a speech titled Improving Capacity, Collaborative Development - Building a Marketing Culture and Ecosystem Together.

    First, break free from the old forms of market environment and organization pattern of various business units. To achieve this, it is essential to detach from the inherent modes of business thinking; actively engage in external technological revolutions and industrial transformations to quickly adapt to market changes and demands; adopt a "marketing + innovation" approach to create new productive forces, thereby supporting the development of traditional industries, technologies, and modes.

    Second, clarify market objectives and development strategies. Traditional industries need to grasp the requirements of new productive forces and promote their high-end, intelligent, and green development by using new technologies, new integration, and new construction methods. Emerging industries, on the other hand, should benchmark against competitors, proactively plan ahead, increase resource investment, and strive for new value creation.

    Third, form and take marketing support. Each operating unit should summarize their past experiences and establish data analysis and decision-making support systems. The headquarters should play a leading role in planning the market marketing system effectively. They should adopt the concept of "lean production as the foundation, technology as the core, interconnection as the root, data as the basis, and integration as the result" to create a unique marketing ecosystem and marketing system for the company, and operate new productive forces.

    Zhao Guoang delivered a concluding speech titled Creating Scale Advantages through Marketing Innovation and Fully Launching the Optimized Increment and Future Planning Battle.

    He expressed that 2024 is a crucial year for implementing the "14th Five-Year Plan" and for the company to enter the innovative development stage according to the "arrangements at the two stages, and goals in three steps". Efforts should be made to achieve development in a large scale, incremental expansion, and sustained profitability.

    First, clarify the scale targets and understand the underlying logic of growth

    Each operating unit should fully understand and apply the rank-size rule, to find suitable growth curves and optimal structures; to form a strategic advantage in market price competition through scale advantage.

    While pursuing scale development, China Haisum must consistently adhere to quality requirements for large-scale development to ensure that the company growth is healthy and sustainable.

    Second, follow the rank-size rule, and transform to activate growth

    To achieve scale development and sustained growth, China Haisum must follow the rank-size rule for enterprise growth, constantly carry out organizational changes, bring new vitality to the company, and sustain scale development through endogenous growth, to effectively restart its life cycle.

    At the same time, China Haisum shall also continuously adjust and optimize the organizational structure, create adaptive organic organizations to adapt to market changes and company development needs, thereby breaking the curse of slowing enterprise growth.

    Third, systematic marketing and innovation to build scale advantage

    To build a scale advantage and achieve sustained growth, China Haisum shall conduct marketing and innovation in a systematic manner in the following five aspects: innovate its marketing concepts; establish and improve the company brand marketing system, and continuously build core advantages; enhance long-term sustainable profitability; reduce dependence on individuals and enhance marketing replication and control capabilities through standardized management; strengthen the construction of the marketing talent team, promote the company's leapfrog development.

    Zhao Guoang emphasized that all business units should strive to transform "theories" into "practices", "ideas" into "ways out", "planning" into "plans", "decisions" into "implementation", "inspiration" into "action", actively seek new markets and expand the markets, drive business growth through marketing and innovation, and jointly shape the company's scale advantage, for its sustainable, healthy, and stable development!

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